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THS Associates has been instructing and consulting in Lotus Notes (Domino) since 1991. That is the early days of Release 3. We have worked at 2 Fortune 50 companies; authroing a major quoting application (web, Notes Client ans smart phone enabled) for one, and 90,000 Notes e-mail to Exchange e-mail migration at the other. Both were world wide. The N2E migration was over 90,000 seat/. Expert level Lotus Script and Lotus to Excel and Excel to Lotus reporting tools.

We teach all levels of application development including @functions, @commands, Lotus Script, Java Script, HTML. We cover best practices and when to utilize Notes / Domino power and when it would be best to utilize another database platform. We demonstrate the powerful Web Based usage of Domino development utilizing its great capacity for data integration and infrastructure

Since 1991- Let Us smooth your business process

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We utilize wareSource© Courseware. Strong, well written and very "workshop" oriented, it allows us to instruct on the building of databases from the ground up. We teach Domino's dynamic messaging components and strong capacity to incorporate mail, instant messaging and automatic reminders in to powerful corporate work flow tools.




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